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DS-350 reel UV glazing machine

DS-350 reel UV glazing machine is a multi - functional surface treatment. This machine is equipped with ultrasonic rectifying device, no material stop, rewinding and discharging, receiving anti-film magnetic powder constant tension, frequency conversion speed regulation, UV UV curing system, online oil flow level in 0.3 meters to 12 meters, make oil more smooth, with smooth. Is a set of UV glazing oil, UV laser film transfer, UV glue coated film, interval degumming, adhesive for backing materials and other functions, is the perfect combination of superb printing technology and excellent cost performance.

1.    UV上光油    UV glazing oil

2.    UV镭射膜转印UV laser film transfer

3.    UV胶水覆膜十三水,UV glue coating,

4.    间隔去胶十三水十三水,Remove glue at intervals.

5.    不干胶换底面材料Adhesive change the backing material

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